University launches redesigned website

Quinnipiac University has launched a newly redesigned website on Oct. 10. This new design will better convey the growth, beauty and culture of our three campuses.

The new site design:

  • takes advantage of newer technology and screen resolution/size to showcase photography highlighting the beauty of our three campuses
  • makes information across the site easier to access with larger menus and an improved information architecture
  • is much more visually appealing and more interactive including video and social media where appropriate
  • includes stories and profiles which illustrate the successes of our students and faculty by showcasing outcomes resulting from a Quinnipiac education

Much of the information from the current university site has been transitioned to this new site.

After a lengthy process meeting with departments and offices across the three campuses, careful consideration was given to the content on the new site.

The Web staff asks the community to be patient as it works out the kinks of launching such a large and comprehensive site.

The site continues to provide the campus community access to MyQ from the homepage. This redesign does not impact the MyQ intranet portal.

Now that the site is live, the Web department is in the process of reaching out to groups and offices across the university to discuss making improvements to areas of the site, taking advantage of the new design.

If you spot anything that needs urgent attention, please email to

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