e-postcards from the road to the presidential inauguration

  1. “Power is related to people.” -James Thurber, Founder & Dir. Center for Congressional & Presidential Studies #QUDC
  2. Thanks @GroverNorquist for speaking to us today! Means a lot #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/oBvq6Cxn
  3. Got to meet @grovernorquist just now. Just another once in a lifetime opportunity experienced this week #QUDC
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to @GroverNorquist offend democrats and republicans alike this morning. #QUDC #iw2013
  5. “Mixing tax increases and spending cuts is like mixing pirannas and goldfish. You end up with no goldfish “- Grover Norquist #QUDC #iw2013
  6. Feeling presidential after walking down the inauguration stairs #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/XmbNhWjz
  7. Touring the Capitol with an awesome group @QuinnipiacU #IW2013 #qudc http://pic.twitter.com/Io8y0doD
  8. Inside the old House of Representatives #iw2013 #qudc http://instagr.am/p/UmN7FZIdcI/
  9. Inside the old House of Representatives #iw2013 #qudc http://instagr.am/p/UmOb2UIdc2/
  10. Compass stone in the center of the Capitol. It’s good luck to touch your foot to the stone. #QUDC #iw2013 http://instagr.am/p/UmOfA6Lv7l/
  11. “The endangered species in Washington is the moderate”- Prof. James Thurber #qudc #iw2013
  12. you know you are engaging in educated debate when the topics transcend the classrooms and lectures to the dinner table #QUDC @TWC_INAUG
  13. i love how every speaker at #QUDC had points that connected to one another
  14. Visiting @CNN was definitely the highlight of this trip so far! Thanks @EricCNNBelief! It was an incredible experience! #QUDC #IW2013
  15. Still processing everything that I got to see at #CNN today! #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/XqWhQS2w
  16. Thank you @tomforemancnn for the awesome advice @CNN DC today! Your words on #objectivity I will carry with me as a young journalist #QUDC
  17. Thank you to @EricCNNBelief and the @CNN staff for an amazing tour and some sound journalistic advice #qudc #iw2013
  18. CNN Studio Tour – One of the many highlights this week #QUDC http://instagr.am/p/UjupV9Cu7S/
  19. @wolfblitzer just waved to me and I got to chat with @johnkingCNN right before he went on-air. Best day ever! #QUDC #IW2013
  20. #cnn with qu! #qudc #iw2013 gonna get my future job lined up. http://instagr.am/p/UjigM3odXV/
  21. The Capitol Building #QUDC #iw2013 @ United States Capitol Building http://instagr.am/p/UjbftJwqbc/
  22. “90 percent of life is just showing up”- Molleneu #qudc #iw2013
  23. “It’s not just all about money, it’s about coordination…”-Molleneu on campaigns #qudc #iw2013
  24. Rodell Molleneu, President of American Bridge 21st Century #QUDC #IW2013 http://instagr.am/p/UjOO5vLvxT/
  25. Just met Brian Lamb at #QUDC. A very impressive thinker and an agile mind. Grateful for the opportunity to meet him @TWC_INAUG
  26. “It’s always interesting to go behind the obvious.” – @CSPAN‘s CEO & Founder Brian Lamb on reporting post-#Newtown #QUDC
  27. Starting out morning with an energetic seminar headed by the founder of CSPAN Brian Lamb #QUDC
  28. You never fully appreciate personal space until you’ve been packed into a crowded metro #QUDC
  29. Gandhi statue outside the Embassy of India #QUDC #IW2013 http://instagr.am/p/UhRaz-Lv39/
  30. Amidst discussion of media misconceptions, we learn from the Indian embassy how the country’s development is tweaked by the media #QUDC
  31. I love how students rush to speak to our speakers. #qudc #IW2013 it’s amazing to see how many active thinkers are a part of this generation
  32. “Who’s the Secretary of Commerce?” *crickets* “Yeah, exactly.”-Susan Page #qudc #iw2013 # girlyougood
  33. It was moving to see the passion of some house reps when trying to get the sandy relief bill passed #QUDC
  34. @TWC_INAUG check out the hashtag #qudc to follow all of the @QuinnipiacU students tweeting about the #iw2013 seminar and more!
  35. #qudc #iw2013 Note-taking during Susan Page, Janet Hook and Scott Horsely. http://instagr.am/p/UgoMeUIdTR/
  36. Janet Hock, Scott Horsley, Susan Page #QUDC #IW2013 #day3 http://instagr.am/p/Ugnap8rvzi/
  37. People like Frank Fahrenkoph and Mike McCurry revive my faith that republicans and democrats can work together #QUDC #IW2013
  38. “I’m from Quinnipiac…”-QU student “Great polling there!”-Fahrenkopf #qudc #iw2013 #nokidding
  39. Frankenkopf says Clinton, Reagan, Obama among his picks for best debaters #qudc #iw2013
  40. Fun question from @mcharding0426: which former presidential candidate would you say was the best debater? #qudc #iw2013
  41. “People ultimately go for the presidential candidate and not the vice presidential candidate”-Michael McCurry #qudc #iw2013
  42. “He’ll never wear a DNC hat and I’ll never wear an RNC hat. We’ll always wear a USA hat”- Frankenkopf on chairing debates with McCurry #qudc
  43. “Until you know someone, you can’t trust someone.” -Frank Farhenkopf, #IW2013 #QUDC
  44. The problem in this town, according to Frank Farhenkopf, is members of both Republican and Democratic houses don’t know each other #QUDC
  45. Anndd here we go day three! Hearing from the cochairs of the presidential debate today #QUDC
  46. Just witnessed some actual bipartisanship during a session in Congress. #QUDC #IW2013
  47. Watching the bipartisan House of Representatives agreeing tonight as they discussed the bill concerning hurricane aid #QUDC
  48. Did we just witness bipartisanship in Congress? What? #QUDC
  49. Visiting the U.S. Capitol to check out Congress in action! #QUDC #IW2013 http://instagr.am/p/UemONDnhYo/
  50. “Campaigns are the closest I could get to organized sports. It’s about winning.” – @BarackObama‘s Special Assistant Eugene Kang #QUDC
  51. “You have to respect the office, don’t come off too snarky or cynical.” – @BarackObama‘s Special Assistant Eugene Kang on 1st debate #QUDC
  52. “Begging for support is just slightly better than begging for money.” – @BarackObama‘s Special Assistant Eugene Kang on campaigning #QUDC
  53. Eugene Kang, special assistant to the president tells us “the best experiences come unexpectedly”. #QUDC #IW2013 #wordsofwisdom
  54. “There is a lot of pressure on journalists to be highly opinionated” -David Welna, Congressional Correspondent for @NPR #QUDC
  55. I think every person should find something uniqely special to them about a monument/memorial in dc #QUDC #IW2013
  56. “It’s not so much a fiscal question- it’s beyond that. It’s the gun lobby and people adamant about guns.” – @WhiteHouse‘s Ken Walsh #QUDC
  57. #qudc at the #lincolnmemorial with some of the best. Not sure how I lived without these people. http://instagr.am/p/Ud8OAqodTP/
  58. “Clear, quantifiable demonstration of what the house has become.” – @NPR‘s David Welna on #fiscalcliff deal #TheWashingtonCenter #QUDC
  59. RT @jumphookmclean: The whole group of my QU students at the Lincoln Memorial. All of us having a great time, learning lots! #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/SHJmMfRK
  60. FDR Memorial “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself” #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/PQHinYSP
  61. RT @jumphookmclean: me and some more of our Quinnipiac students, WW2 Memorial #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/kfggnS8H
  62. A picture doesn’t do it justice. Left me with chills. #QUDC #IW2013 #unreal #thankful http://pic.twitter.com/97oFk9uz
  63. RT @jumphookmclean: Some of my QU students today at Iwo Jima memorial. #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/LRv88dgE
  64. sight seeing in DC for the first time #NewtoDC #Makeitmemorable #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/BeH3VGJ2
  65. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just get there #QUDC http://pic.twitter.com/V04R6oqh

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