Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch urged Quinnipiac’s Class of 2002 to pursue their dreams

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch urged Quinnipiac University’s Class of 2002 to pursue their dreams and stop at nothing to find happiness.

Koch, who was awarded an honorary degree at the ceremony, died on Feb. 1.

“If you are unhappy in your career choice, after giving it a fair shake, quit,” Koch urged the graduates. “Leave it and look for an opportunity that will make you happy. Remember, you will spend at least a third of your life at work. No matter how well a job pays, if it is drudgery, it isn’t worth it.”

Koch told the Quinnipiac students that he tried to follow his own advice, which is why he pursued a life in politics.

“Time will go by very quickly, and there is much to be done,” he warned. “When you look back, as I do now at the age of 77 with few regrets, I hope you will have stood up and supported positions and changes in our society that you believed would help those most in need, including the poor, whose ranks include a disproportionate number of minorities; children, particularly those not getting an adequate education and therefore ill-equipped to compete when entering the job market; and the elderly, especially those who are sick and in need of prescription drugs that they can’t afford to buy, and also those in need of descent nursing homes which, regrettably, are in extremely short supply nowadays.”

Please click here to read the full remarks.

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