Professor David Cadden quoted extensively about Amazon’s decision to start collecting sales tax in Connecticut

caddenDavid Cadden, a professor in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department in the School of Business at Quinnipiac University, was quoted in newspapers across the United States about Amazon’s decision to start collecting sales tax in Connecticut.

The story, which appeared in the San Antonio Express, Connecticut Post, Danbury News-Times, Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time, reports that the tax will help fill the state’s coffers and a new distribution center will mean 300 new jobs.

“They’re not really telling us enough to get our teeth into what’s going on,” Cadden told the newspapers, adding that smaller online retailers will most likely continue to not collect Connecticut taxes and retain their edge with consumers.

“I am sure that the bricks-and-mortar operations will be happy with [Gov. Dannel P.] Malloy because of this,” Cadden said, agreeing that it will be up to Congress to establish a national system for states to take a tax from consumers.

A new distribution facility indicates that the company is taking steps away from mega-centers toward smaller distribution operations, Cadden said.

Please click here to read the full story.

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