Americans back women in combat 3-1, but less for draft, Quinnipiac poll finds; support for universal gun background checks is 92%

qupollAmerican voters support allowing women in combat by an overwhelming 75 – 22 percent, including 77 – 21 percent among women, but say by a smaller 52 – 42 percent, including a negative 45 – 48 percent among women, that women should be drafted if the draft is reinstated, according to a released today.

On gun-control, there is overwhelming 92 – 7 percent support for background checks for all gun buyers, the independent Quinnipiac poll finds. Support for universal background checks is 91 – 8 percent among voters in a household with a gun.

American voters oppose 65 – 28 percent reestablishing the military draft. If there is a draft, however, men say 59 – 36 percent that women should be drafted. Women are split on being drafted, 48 – 45 percent.

“There is overwhelming support for allowing women in combat, with virtually no difference between men and women. But on whether such a move will increase military effectiveness, and especially on the question of whether in the case of a military draft women should be called, too, there is a sizable difference in how men and women feel,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Please click here to read the full report — and to see how Americans feel about the current Electoral College and potential changes.

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