A letter to parents from Mark Thompson, senior vice president for academic and student affairs

Dear Parents,

thompsonQuinnipiac University will be closed on Tuesday, Feb. 12, as our Facilities staff continues to tirelessly work to remove the record amount of snow that has fallen on our three campuses. According to various media reports, Hamden received the highest amount of snow in Connecticut with 40 inches.

Since the snowstorm struck on Friday, nearly 50 of our Facilities workers and two private contractors have been working to clear the snow in and around the three campuses.

While the workers have made tremendous progress, more work needs to be done to prepare for our students, faculty and staff to safely return to the university and resume their regular schedules.

We are receiving regular food deliveries and Chartwells, which staffs the dining halls, has been open each day.

Chartwells has been housing a number of its employees at a nearby hotel to ensure that there would be no interruption of food services for our residential students.

Student Health Services on the Mount Carmel Campus has remained open around the clock to accommodate any students needing care.

Our contracted shuttle bus service has been suspended. The contractor reports that shuttle buses still must be plowed out. When they are freed, drivers may not be immediately available as many area roads remain impassable.

Many Quinnipiac employees remain snowbound and cannot get to campus quite yet.

Unlike the experience during Hurricane Sandy, there has been no interruption in the power service to any of our campuses. Resident students have been able to stay in their residence hall rooms, where they are warm and have access to the university’s network to keep up on their studies. We have also been able to open the Arnold Bernhard Library this afternoon.

We will continue to monitor and assess on a day-to-day basis. We will do our best to communicate a report by 2 p.m. daily regarding the status for the next day.

We sincerely appreciate your patience as the university works to clean up after this record-setting snowfall. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at mark.thompson@quinnipiac.edu.


Mark Thompson, PhD
Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

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  1. As a parent, I really appreciate what the University is doing. Nobody wants the campus to open unless it is safe for all to drive to campus and walk to classes; so please take the time you need to insure the safety of all. Thank you!

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