Chief of Public Safety offers Spring Break safety tips

A message from David Barger, Chief of Public Safety:

There are lots of people who see students on Spring Break as easy targets. Don’t become a victim.

Here are a few things to remember to stay safe.


  • Take as few valuables with you as possible.
  • Book hotels that give you access to a safe or secure your valuables in your room.
  • ALWAYS lock your hotel room door – both when you are IN and OUT of the room.
  • If you are traveling abroad, keep your passport with you at ALL times.
  • If you are abroad and you lose your U.S. Passport, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate immediately.
  • Watch out for con artists who will try to rip you off. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If your cellphone or credit cards are stolen, contact your cellphone carrier and credit card companies immediately so that they can be canceled. What is known as Apple-picking has become quite popular in urban areas so keep your smart phone and tablet close.


  • Always stay in proximity of at least one of your friends. Stick to this “buddy system.” Do not leave any of your friends.
  • Do not go anywhere with strangers – even if it seems OK. Always err on the side of caution. Be “street smart” and trust your instincts.
  • Watch your drink carefully. Be aware that someone could sneak something into your drink. Never accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Never go to an isolated place with a stranger.
  • Always carry your cellphone, ID and important medical information with you and remember to charge your cellphone.


  • Binge drinking gets students into trouble. Know your limits. Use common sense.
  • Make sure you know the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.
  • Be aware of all local laws and regulations — especially if you’re travelling abroad. Who wants to spend a night in a foreign jail?
  • Intoxication greatly increases your chances of being a target.


  • Sun exposure: Use an SPF 15 or higher – even if it’s cloudy. Wear sunglasses and a hat.
  • Use common sense when swimming. Avoid swimming where there are no lifeguards.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Don’t rely on alcoholic beverages or coffee for hydration.
  • Try to drink bottled water.

For further information before you travel abroad, check the U.S. State Department website:

Have a safe Spring Break.

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