Professors Jeffrey Cooper and Jamie DeLoma offer insight into bequeathing digital assets

cooper-delomaJeffrey Cooper, left, a professor in the School of Law at Quinnipiac University, and Jamie DeLoma, an adjunct professor of journalism and interactive media in the School of Communications were quoted in a Waterbury Republican-American article about the process of bequeathing one’s digital assets.

“It’s a really rapidly evolving and pretty unclear area of the law,” Cooper told the daily newspaper. “There really is no single way that people prepare for disposing of what I would call digital assets.”

Connecticut legislators passed a law two years ago requiring email providers to give the executor of one’s estate access to the deceased account, the newspaper reports. However, the law does not govern social media assets.

“I think in a changing world, your digital assets are often more important than your traditional assets,” DeLoma told the Republican-American.

He told the newspaper that he anticipates more people will treat their digital legacy with the same reverence as their physical property.

“As the world becomes more digitally focused, this becomes part of your responsibility as a user,” DeLoma said.

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